Ortus is one such company in Abu Dhabi that has a clear vision when it comes to designing, upgrading and augmenting the IT system of the client. The IT support team at Ortus work towards developing the right path to providing the best possible security solutions to our clients.

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Service Overview

We are prominent among the best CCTV camera installation companies in Abu Dhabi. This allows the clients to secure their operations and business proceedings. Ortus designs as well as installs the devices and aligns these security cameras with the company network including the power backup. As a result, we make the monitoring process more efficient. Ortus also provides customized CCTV cameras so that the clients can reshape their business security. In short, Ortus provides clients with one of the best-performing surveillance solutions. The prices of these CCTV devices are comparatively lower to other CCTV security device-providing companies in Abu Dhabi. Some of the strengths that make Ortus the first preference in terms of the CCTV solution are the remote monitoring facility of the security service and the locally available devices that are easily accessible.

Ortus has been delivering, installing and supporting the CCTV requirements of many companies all over Abu Dhabi. Ortus is known to nurture fair practices and maintain utmost confidentiality with the clients and their shareholders. We understand our responsibility of protecting the privacy and ensuring the business growth of the clients by delivering innovative and new technology products.

Best CCTV Camera Installation in Abu Dhabi

CCTV Camera Installation is essential for any house or place. If you are looking for the best CCTV Company in Abu Dhabi Ortus is the best choice among the CCTV companies in Abu Dhabi. Our CCTV installation Abu Dhabi team is highly qualified and expert. All kinds of latest and modern cameras will be installed, including cameras with motion activation sensors and night vision abilities. This will help in security enhancement and prevention of crime in houses and institutions. There are several kinds of CCTV Cameras such as Dome Cameras, Infrared Cameras, IP Network Cameras, Discreet Cameras etc.

Benefits of CCTV Camera

  • CCTV camera installation is the best way to protect your home and business.
  • It is very helpful in preventing crime.
  • It allows remote monitoring from any location.
  • It can keep records of all the activity.
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