Access Control Solution

Secure Access Control Solutions

Ortus is a pioneer in the realm of access control systems, offering a rich array of features that not only enable precise time attendance tracking but also provide an effective means of curbing unauthorized access. We take great pride in our global recognition as a leading authority in access control and time attendance support, backed by a dedicated team committed to delivering ongoing assistance and expertise to our valued clients.

Our services go beyond the mere provision of access control systems. We specialize in seamless integration, including the integration of fire alarm systems with access control solutions, ensuring comprehensive safety and security protocols. Furthermore, we offer a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) application for efficient time and attendance management, along with HR and payroll systems, streamlining administrative tasks for businesses.

The concept of access control is a versatile and indispensable tool that provides precise control, real-time monitoring, and effective restrictions on the entry and exit of individuals and vehicles in diverse settings, be it residential or commercial. The advantages of access control are multifaceted, encompassing the protection of valuable assets, a significant reduction in risk factors for individuals, staff, and visitors, and the overall enhancement of security measures. It's important to note that the applications of access control extend far beyond single entrance doors and are instrumental in securing and managing access to vast facilities, such as financial institutions, supermarkets, corporate offices, and more.

Ortus takes a leap beyond conventional access control solutions by offering powerful and advanced access controllers tailored for single-door and multi-door applications. These controllers come equipped with an array of configurable features, empowering our clients to establish a robust and protective security environment. Access to secured areas is meticulously regulated, allowing entry only to authorized individuals who present their fingerprints or access cards to the reader, ensuring that access remains tightly controlled and restricted to those with the appropriate permissions. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in access control is unwavering, making us a trusted partner in securing and safeguarding your valuable assets and operations.