ERP/CRM Software

Ortus stands out as a premier ERP CRM software company in Abu Dhabi, dedicated to empowering its clients with a comprehensive, application-independent integrated solution. Our primary mission is to support businesses in Abu Dhabi looking to efficiently manage their core operations through a unified system. Ortus takes pride in ensuring effective financial, inventory, and supply chain management within a single system. Our ERP/CRM system not only streamlines business processes but also introduces an automated workflow, significantly enhancing productivity and efficiency. We are committed to assisting our clients in Abu Dhabi in elevating their business performance and optimizing workflow. One of our core objectives is to help our clients position their businesses for growth.

Ortus specializes in developing fully integrated systems that align with regulatory and reporting compliance standards. As a dedicated ERP/CRM software development company, we empower our clients to better serve their customers and standardize their global business operations. At Ortus, we are on a mission to build a comprehensive platform that offers robust capabilities and tools for managing financials, orders, billing, inventory, and more. Our platforms feature customizable views, including metrics, reports, and KPIs, to facilitate smooth system operation. We cater to businesses of all sizes, developing ERP/CRM software solutions for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. As one of the most respected ERP/CRM software companies in Abu Dhabi, Ortus seeks to collaborate with rapidly expanding clients, helping them streamline operations and develop user-friendly yet powerful features.

Odoo, on the other hand, emerges as the fastest-evolving open-source software, offering a complete suite of business applications. This versatile system seamlessly manages various business areas, including manufacturing, accounting, inventory, e-commerce, warehouse management, human resources, finance, and marketing. Odoo's intuitive design ensures zero difficulties in software usage, ultimately enhancing enterprise efficiency and productivity.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) serves as a pivotal business process management software. ERP systems consolidate and streamline an organization's management activities and core business processes, encompassing functions such as planning, inventory management, customer relationship management, sales, and accounting. This integration creates a unified and cost-effective solution, providing agility and flexibility for businesses to achieve sustainable growth.