Ortus Security System LLC

Our Best Services

Budget-friendly IT AMC Services

Ortus Infosys excels in comprehensive AMC services, offering unparalleled Hardware Maintenance, Software Maintenance, Network Management, Security Oversight, Customer Support, and top-notch Data Backup & Recovery solutions.

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IT Support

Ortus is one of the leading IT support companies in Abu Dhabi that has a clear vision when it comes to designing, upgrading and augmenting the IT system of the client.

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Data Cabling

Ortus is one of the well known companies providing data cabling in Abu Dhabi. Data cabling is the backbone of office connectivity.

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Cyber Security

Ortus is one such cyber security company in Abu Dhabi that not only protects the data as well as the system of the clients but also helps in..

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ERP/ CRM Software

Ortus is the best ERP/ CRM software companies that assists its clients in Abu Dhabi with an integrated solution which is independent of applications.

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CCTV Solution

We are providing CCTV installation support to the companies in Abu Dhabi. This allows the clients to secure their operations and business proceedings.

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Access Control Solution

Ortus offers access control systems with a variety of features, helping to maintain a record of time attendance and to restrict unauthorized access.

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Web Development Services

Ortus Provides Web Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing Services in Dubai

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